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Modern Vietnamese Food in OKC

Rivière Modern Bánh Mi is a restaurant in downtown OKC. Their modern take on traditional Vietnamese recipes is a win in my book. Their food is fresh, absolutely delicious, and they even have options for special diets.


This is a first for me. I’ve been toying with the idea of reviewing restaurants and maybe even little fun shops that I visit and I’ve just never done it. I have no interest in being a food critic, but when I have a good experience somewhere, I’d love to share that.

I had dinner with my good friends Robert and Terri of Trawick Images on Thursday and they suggested this place called Rivière Modern Bánh Mì. It’s traditional Vietnamese food but with a slight American twist.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. First of all, the service was top-notch. The staff are all super nice and so helpful. if you’ve never had Bánh Mì before they’re happy to explain the menu for you. I really can’t wait to go back because there were so many things I wanted to try.

If you go here for no other reason, get the wok-fired green beans. I like green beans but I’ve never been all that excited about them before. You need these in your life. I’m on a mission now to figure out how to reproduce such a tasty vegetable at home. My toddler might even eat them.

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Credit: Robert of Trawick Images

Credit: Robert of Trawick Images

I also had the egg rolls, pictured above. They were light, crispy on the outside with delicious juicy pork on the inside. Order more than you think you’ll eat. Trust me.

The most interesting thing I tried was the sandwich called the Captain Jack. It’s vegetarian-friendly and is stuffed with marinated jackfruit. As good as it was, when I dipped it in the citrus vinaigrette that came with the egg rolls, I did a happy dance. That’s exactly what it needed. If the owners read this, maybe they’ll start serving that on the side. Wink.

If you’re in the downtown OKC area, check out Rivière Modern Bánh Mì. It’s a bright, fun place with good eats and friendly people. Can’t ask for more, right?


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