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Eco Friendly Cleaning | E-Cloth Review

I love these cleaning cloths. There is no shortage of microfiber cleaning cloths on the market, but these are different. They’re better. 


I just want take a moment to talk about this incredible product I’ve recently discovered. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock. Microfiber cleaning cloths have been a thing for a while now, and yet I’ve never heard of this magic.

You’ve probably heard of Norwex. I’ve heard the name before, but never checked out their products. When people say, “I clean with Norwex,” I assumed it was a type of cleaning spray. If you’re like me and you need to come out from under your rock once in a while, then you’ll be as surprised and excited as I am about the E-cloth.

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What Makes It So Special

The E-cloth is simply a microfiber cloth that’s designed in such a way that when you rinse it under water, ring it out, and wipe any surface, it’s effective at removing over 99% of bacteria and mold.

“E-Cloth products are completely chemical-free, which means we require no cleaning agents or toxic sprays to achieve performance cleaning. There are also no chemicals or solutions embedded in our cloths or products. The secret to our performance cleaning is in the quality and quantity of the fibers. ”


E-cloth makes a whole line of products for different purposes and even a mop. I’ve only used the general purpose cloths so far but I’m quite impressed. Definitely ordering more.

One of the things I clean multiple times a day is my son’s high chair tray. Even with the removable tray that snaps onto the top, the main part still seems to always get covered in some kind of greasy gunk. I usually use either paper towels or a wash cloth and some non-toxic spray cleaner to clean it.

I’m telling you, it’s the little things in life. Saving just a bit of time and effort with these repetitive and less-than-enjoyable tasks is such a great feeling. Just wet the E-cloth with water, ring it out, and wipe down whatever you need to clean. The high chair tray is left without a speck or smudge! Yes, it will even take grease off your stove without the aid of any kind of cleaning solution. And according the the science that backs it up, it really does disinfect the surface as well.

You can read more about it here.

The Best for Any Surface

As if grease removal and disinfecting without any kind of spray cleaner isn’t cool enough, the E-cloth is safe for just about any surface. Granite and marble countertops are known for being a little more difficult to care for. You can’t just use anything on them or you risk ruining the finish. But of course, water is totally safe! Certain types of flooring, like vinyl, also take a little more specialized care.

You Just Have to Use One to Get It

As you’re wiping, the cloth seems to kind of grip the surface just a little. Not enough to make it a chore to use, but just enough to where you feel like it’s saving you some elbow grease. If something splashed on the stove and dried there, no problem. The E-cloth takes it right off. If you frequently have lots of these burnt-on messes, they make a kitchen cloth that has a scrubbing pad built into the corner.

Let me know what you think of the E-cloth! Have you used Norwex? Both? I’d love some feedback comparing the two, especially.

And even though the E-cloth is so amazing, there will still be times where you need a little disinfecting power from a spray. Ahem… toilets. My E-cloths aren’t going anywhere near those. Try this home made cleaning spray!

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